Chronicles Of Narnia

Hey Guys! CraftyCari here. I am reading the Series, ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’ by C.S Lewis. I love these books so far and I suggest that you all read them. Also, I am reading some Andrew Clements books at school, which … Read More

Drawing Story

Hi! I am CraftyCari! What? What’s that you say? You want to hear a mini story of one of my drawings? Ok then. Here is the story. On a hot, summer day, the Pumpkin was chatting to his friend, Sunflower. … Read More

Ask Me: How do you make your videos?

Hi, Crafty Cari! I really like your videos. Can you tell me how you made them? From magic! Ok, I’m just kidding … I get a lot of help from my amazing Dad. I record my gameplay with Camtasia Studio … Read More