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Hi! I am CraftyCari! What? What’s that you say? You want to hear a mini story of one of my drawings? Ok then. Here is the story.

On a hot, summer day, the Pumpkin was chatting to his friend, Sunflower. “Sunflower, do you think we’ll ever get picked for Halloween or spring decorations?” The Pumpkin asked Sunflower. “You ask this every day.” Sunflower sighed. “And you know that we are going to get taken to a nice home.” “But what if we don’t?” Pumpkin cried. “We will… “ Sunflowers voice trailed off as a little girl came over. “Sunflower! Pumpkin! I always wanted those things!” The little girl picked the Pumpkin and Sunflower then skipped off with them.

Now this was only one mini story. There will be much, much more. Stay tuned for another adventure.

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