Some quizzes!

Hey ya’ll! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I keep forgetting about the site. Anyways, I have some quizzes that I made! I hope that you will try them! Here is the link to Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? … Read More

Happy Spring!

Hello! Hope you all like this spring! Heres a  link to a google page which I think is quite funny: Google Spring Doodle Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Also, check out my new channel, (it was in the comment before this one, actually … Read More

Saramel and Caramel!

Hello everybody! I have a new youtube channel for me and my friend! The channel is called Saramel and Caramel! I will leave a link to the youtube channel! I haven’t posted anything yet, but I will tell you in … Read More

The One And Only Ivan

In class the other day we finished The One And Only Ivan By Katherine Applegate.  It was the class book. It had a mixed emotion ending. I had no idea what I felt. But I encourage you to read this wonderful book!

Pizza Challenge

Hello Crafty viewers! I am thinking of doing the pizza challenge! What kind of ingredients do you want me to have on my pizza? I will pick ten ingredients that you guys suggested. Don’t be upset if yours does not … Read More

Chronicles Of Narnia

Hey Guys! CraftyCari here. I am reading the Series, ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’ by C.S Lewis. I love these books so far and I suggest that you all read them. Also, I am reading some Andrew Clements books at school, which … Read More

Drawing Story

Hi! I am CraftyCari! What? What’s that you say? You want to hear a mini story of one of my drawings? Ok then. Here is the story. On a hot, summer day, the Pumpkin was chatting to his friend, Sunflower. … Read More

Ask Me: How do you make your videos?

Hi, Crafty Cari! I really like your videos. Can you tell me how you made them? From magic! Ok, I’m just kidding … I get a lot of help from my amazing Dad. I record my gameplay with Camtasia Studio … Read More

Spiderman B-Day

When it was my Spiderman B-day, I had a bunch of people, cake, and presents. When my Mom yelled, “Present time!”, everyone ran to the present table. I closed my eyes, opened a present, and in my hands I held … Read More

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